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KIPON Start Selling New Developed 0.8x Focal Reducers For Fuji G Mount And Hasselblad X Mount Camera

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

KIPON start to accept preorder for new developed 0.8x focal reducer as below for using medium format lenses on smaller medium format digital cameras with 44x33 mm cmos sensors, including Fuji G mount and Hasselblad X mount cameras.

Mamiya 645-GFX 0.8x

Pentax 645-GFX 0.8x

Pentax 67-GFX 0.8x

Hasselblad V-GFX 0.8x

Pentacon 6-GFX 0.8x

First lot shipment would be from July 18, 2022, price for early birds would be 851.45 USD, 12% discount off from standard retailer price 968 USD, only be available from:

To respect our loyal clients:

For those clients who bought KIPON formal compromised 0.7x optics version as below can get 50% discount off based on standard retail price 968USD after provide invoice/sales record:

Mamiya 645-GFX 0.7x, Pentax 645-GFX 0.7x, Pentax 67-GFX 0.7x, Hasselblad V-GFX 0.7x, Pentacon 6-GFX 0.7x

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Dec 13, 2023

I recently purchased the 0.8x Pentax 645 to GFX adapter. Many of my P645 lenses produce images with a blue colored circular dot or glow in the center of the images. Seems more pronounced when stopped down and on zooms is more prevalent at some focal lengths than others. Looking online this appears to be a common issue. Is there a solution for this issue? The blue glow also seems to lower the contrast in the image. Unless this can be corrected somehow, I'll likely need to return the adapter.


Richard Man
Richard Man
Jun 26, 2022

When will you release the focal reducer from Hasselblad V to Hasselblad XCD mount?

Jun 28, 2022
Replying to

Hi there, you could order via the 0.8x purchasing link, and note the model HB-XCD, we'll deliver after July 18 as same as the GFX.

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