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IBELUX 40mm/f0.85 Mark III Camera Lens for Sony E Mirrorless Mount
  • IBELUX 40mm/f0.85 Mark III Camera Lens for Sony E Mirrorless Mount

    SKU: 40SE03

    2013, in a beautiful border town, Passau in Bavaria state, Germany, Kipon founder Xiaoming Zhang met Klaus Eckerl in a mountain restaurant by the Danube river, reached agreement to make a world fastest artistic lens for all the photographers, at that moment, they gave the name IBELUX, which stands for a lens for extremely low light shooting, designed by IB/E OPTICS, with many years of experience for precision manufacturing and mechanic designing, after 200 days and nights sample making and testing again and again, KIPON launched first version IBELUX 40mm f0.85, this high sophisticated product called a great flutter at that time in the field.   


    ● The characteristic of the Sony E Mark III lens:

    1. Consisting 10 pieces of glasses in 8 groups to achieve high quality image with telecentric design, special concave design for first glass in the front

    2. Nice and creamy bokeh

    3. Impeccable light transmission in low-light environment

    4. Precisely seizing the focus point under extremely shallow depth with 270-degree rotation distance only used in pro-cine lenses

    5. Built-in Swiss-German made bearing focus system allowing focus ring to go smoothly and precisely

    When aperture widely open, especially for those high speed lenses, some situations usually occur like chromatic aberration, purple fringe, also under strong light environment, irregular glare easily happens when point the lens towards light source, Based on the improvement of Mark II, Mark III has made a great progress in these optic difficulties, in addition to higher resolution comparing to former versions, Ibelux mark3 comes out to be a dreamy lens for artistic creative photography.


    ● Tec Spacification:

    Angle of View (DIA/HOR/VER)*[°]




    Focallength [mm]


    Image Diameter [mm]


    Focusing Range

    0.75m to Infinity

    No. of Iris Leaves


    Smallest Object Field [m]


    Largest Reproduction R